Possibly the hardest part about leaving Japan is realizing you won't have the same access to the amazing Japanese snacks and candy and drinks you got so used to indulging in at every vending machine and convenience store on every corner. 

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At the airport for our flight home, there's always a mad dash where we try to buy as many snacks as we can fit into our bag for souvenirs and edible mementos. Perhaps our favorite of these snacks that they conveniently sell at the airport souvenir shops in giant boxes is: Green Tea Kit Kats. It's hard to get a better snack/souvenir for your family and friends; who doesn't love that bitter-sweet taste over green tea and sugar melting in your mouth, with just the right amount of crunch in the middle... It's the best thing, too, for nourishing your own sweet-tooth craving and Japanese candy snack craving that comes back even weeks after you've left!