MOOD OF THE WEEK #23: Mazzy Star, "Seasons of Your Day"

This week we're battening down the hatches in preparation for the new wave of Cali to hit our Spring/Summer 2014 runway show on Sunday. And down below in our studio, riding over the pre-show chaos, is - on repeat - the brand new album from the epitome of 90s Californian effortless cool - Mazzy Star. 

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It's been seventeen years since their last album, 1996's "Among My Swan", and this new album is a collection of songs recorded over the years since then. It has a lot of the psychedelic blues and slide-guitar sound that made 1990's "She Hangs Brightly" so fun, with a little bit of the heartbreaking organ from "Among My Swan", with a new, surprisingly polished sound. The album's new single "California", and really the entire album, plays like an homage to our and Mazzy Star's home state of California; we can feel that chilly, salty breeze coming over the hill from the Pacific, giving us shivers in the hot desert sun the way only LA and Mazzy Star can.