Ever heard of a marimo? I'd never until Christmas, when I got one of these little green moss balls, sitting patiently in a jar of pebbles.

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What's it do, I wondered? Well, now I know: it lives! It grows and gets greener. It lets you give it a little bath every few months, and lets you roll into an ever-more-perfect ball. It doesn't take up much room, it doesn't smell. It only eats a few spare rays of sunshine. It's like a pet only plant-y-er! It's like a plant only rounder! But most of all: it's really cute. A little moss ball of happiness. These guys only grows in the wilds of northern Japan (where it's a local mascot), Norway and Iceland, where it spends its days being charming in cold, dark lakes. But now I'm lucky enough to have one sitting in my living room, bringing me even more cuteness than my seamonkies did as a kid. Now what to name it?