"Spring Breakers" opened in New York last weekend and we finally got to see Harmony Korine's vision of college kids going to get a little spring sun and fun. 

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We're always looking forward to any new movie from the "Kids" and "Gummo" writer, but we were particularly excited to see Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens and how they would take on their new bad girl roles. We had no doubts about the girls ability but we were really blown away by just how raw and charismatic, and frankly a little frightening (in a good way), they all were, Vanessa Hudgens especially. The film is a lot of fun and beautifully shot, with Harmony's distinct visual style really put to good use, and with the girls' enthusiastic performances, it's got us yearning big time to go on our own (relatively tame) spring break!