MOOD OF THE WEEK #9: 'Shaking the Habitual'

It's been nearly ten years since we fell in love with The Knife with their song 'Heartbeats', and a lot has changed for the duo over that time. On their new album, 'Shaking the Habitual', most of the band's old feel-good beats and choruses from 'Deep Cuts' are gone, and now even the tidy pop song structures they paired with their subsequent darker, more spaced out sound from 'Silent Shout' are gone as well. Having stripped much of the pleasantries from the album we're left with the basics of what makes the Knife so great, their powerful beats, unusual sounds, and undeniable hooks, all given new structures and stretched out to their extremes. 'Shaking the Habitual' is such a powerful and intense listen, but one you'll want to have multiple times a day; an awesome feat for such a challenging record!

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