Our trip to Kamakura, a sleepy little town an hour outside of Tokyo, really got us yearning for summer. It was the perfect place for a little preview of the summer to come, without that blazing heat! 

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The town of Kamakura is located right on the beach, but if you walk just five minutes up the road you can find a beautiful temple with a statue of Buddha so big you can climb inside it. The statue is famous for being built to be able to sway back and forth without breaking in an earthquake, which has allowed it to stand in Kamakura for over seven hundred years. When we went early this week, after climbing the buddha, we got to eat at one of the amazing soba restaurants in town and then walk down to the beach to fly koi and Hello Kitty kites while drinking some of their famous local beer. It's not quite warm enough to swim yet, but that didn't stop wind surfers in wetsuits and some of the more adventurous kids. We can't wait to go back in the real heat when we'll have no choice but to dive in!

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