Beyonce performed Wednesday night in Paris as part of her world tour and we were lucky enough to attend amongst 15.000 fans of Mrs Carter gathered in Bercy. Next to us, teenage fans who had carefully emulated Beyoncé's style (down to the gigantic stilettos) were echoing every song and move from the show, singing full force. A mix of teenage stamina, extreme fandom and feminist tunes from "Run the world" filled the venue with an unchallenged energy all night long.


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The diva performed for almost two hours. Beautiful videos inspired by contemporary dance, neo-baroque fantasy or safari-themed digital designs would open for each set, outfit, choreography, and Beyoncé would accordingly adjust her performance, from dark to sexy, for moving to warrior.

Of course the show included classics such as « Single Ladies », « Survivor » or « Crazy in Love », complete with glitter bombings and strobe light shows, which left the amazed audience as completely devoted to Queen B as can be. Amongst other highlights : Beyoncé's interpretation of « I will always love you » got us goosebumps, her ziplining through the huge venue and of course the finale, which saw the first performance ever of new single "Grown Woman" by a KENZO-clad Queen of Pop and dancing squad, surrounded with animated versions of our Spring-Summer prints: Clouded Leopard, Orchid and Forest. It filled us with tremendous pride!