Ah Paris! A sailor shirt, béret, baguette under the arm and a Charles Trenet song playing on an accordion while in the distance we see the Eiffel tower, booksellers and riverboats on the Seine. But there’s more to it than that... Paris has something for all tastes, colors, and backgrounds. Here are some recommendations that are supposedly exotic and yet so familiar in Paris:

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1. Find the most beautiful boubou (African kaftan) in Château Rouge.


2. Devour in big bites of the famous sandwich from Chez Bob de Tunis with an extra helping of harissa.
Chez Bob de Tunis, 10 rue Richer 75009


3. Throw yourself into a karaoke version of slow songs from your adolescence in the basement cabins of Un Bon Vin.
Un Bon Vin, 7 rue de la Michodière 75002


4. See Hiroshi’s The Woman in the Dunes at La Pagode again or discover the new sensation of Peruvian cinema at Le Nouveau Latina.
La Pagode, 57 bis rue de Babylone 75007
Le Nouveau Latina, 20 rue du Temple 75004


5. Read James Joyce’s Ulysses in text and context at Shakespeare and Co.
Shakespeare and Company, 37 rue Bûcherie 75005