Every year before the 1st of May, the Hyères Festival showcases young designers and photographers, offering a fresh take on fashion for the industry gurus in attendance. 

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Since style magazines are home to fledgling creative talent for the rest of the year, the most innovative of the current crop is a regular fixture at the Festival. This year’s special guest is Swiss-French publication Novembre. In a handful of issues, Novembre has managed to establish a unique artistic direction nourished by photographers and stylists. 


Shoots in stiff Swiss studio set-ups alternate with off-the-cuff locations. The magazine plays with warm and harsh lighting to create a mood that is surreal yet focused on flesh and clothes. Images are touched up, cut up and reassembled, jarring the flow of this 400-page twice-yearly publication.

Articles on Swiss art (and art from the rest of the world, according to the baseline) function as an echo, a response to this experiment in fashion and artistic direction.


Novembre magazine Exhibition at Hyères Festival, runs until May 26th

Villa Noailles, Hyères.