Here are the “plaisirs coupables” of Parisians, those things that give them pleasure but that they do on the sly. We surveyed our friends to find out their favorite guilty pleasures, anonymous of course, and these are the results:

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1. Spending money I don’t have buying the most gorgeous vintage pieces in the world at (by Charlotte R.)


2. The Filet-O-Fish at McDonalds. (by Jacques S.)


3. Playing Rapido at the Max Dormoy PMU, (by Rida V.)


4. Spending an afternoon with my best friend on the terrace of the café Beaubourg or the café at the rue de Buci market watching people go by and making comments. (by Julia S.)


5. Devouring chocolates from Marquise de Sévigné, place Victor Hugo. (by Charlotte R.)


6. Three hamburgers in a row at “Blend” with their homemade buns. (by Olivier M.)


7. A massage at the Anne Fontaine spa (by Marianne F.)


8. A hair cut at David Mallet or going to sleep at L'hôtel (rue des Beaux Arts) on a whim. (by Sophie S.)


9. Eating the baroque, regressive, Japanese crepes at “Princesse Crêpes” in the 4th. (by Marie Christine, M.)


10. Glancing at the Hot Vidéo covers on the back of the kiosk (by Yorgo T.)


11. Smoking in a club. (by Julien P.)


12. Kissing who I want, when I want. (by Violaine L.)


13. Talking badly about Paris… from London. (by Zelda D.)


14. Insulting a taxi that refuses to take me (by Aysam R.)


15. Wanting to adopt a puppy from quai de la Mégisserie. (by Juan C.P.)


16. Acting like a tourist: taking a bateau mouche on the Seine in the summer, eating a club sandwich at café Marly, going to fête de la musique without shame, reading a good book while lounging at the jardin du Luxembourg. (by Chloé F.)


17. Judith Grynszpan, funny, cute, djette, contemporary artist, Parisian and good friend lists her guilty pleasures in Paris:
- Looking inside people’s apartments when they’re lit up in the night.
- Adding mozzarella to any sandwich I buy.
- Drinking champagne, even in the best cocktail bars in Paris.
- Going to the Marché des Enfants Rouges in pyjamas.
- Stuffing myself with strawberry cakes and pastries at Manon.
- Buying exposition catalogues before seeing the exposition, or worse without having seen the exposition at all.
- Doing everything by foot even if I’m late or lost.