Prints of the season #5: Peaks


The abstract Peaks print takes its inspiration from the terrain of the mountainous Pacific North West region of the United States.


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Oregon and Washington states are renowned for their spectacular landscape of rugged coastline, lush green interior, shadowy forests and epic peaks. David Lynch, whose oeuvre was the core inspiration for the Fall 2014 collections, set his cult 1990 television series Twin Peaks in a fictional lumber town of the same name in Washington, and this print is a tribute to Twin Peaks’ weird and unexpected elements. The Peaks graphic also resembles a double-gabled house, reflecting the eerie double nature of the fictional community: Twin Peaks is an all-American town of homely cherry-pie values, and yet the site of an ambiguous, ancient evil. 

The color-palette of the Peaks print reflects the twilight tones of this moody, misty and at times mystical region. Deep contrasted shadows behind the Peaks play on the effect of cinematic lighting, as found in the Doors print, another one of our prints of the season.

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