Prints of the season #6: White Noise

White Noise is one of the key prints of the season from the women’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection, and plays on the effect of distortion and suspense.



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Like the Doors, Neon Plaid and Peaks prints, White Noise draws on the stylistic devices and cinematic signatures of director David Lynch, whose oeuvre inspired the KENZO Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The flickering black and white illusion of broken peaks reflects that of TV static – a visual experience now relegated to an earlier era thanks to digital – , and a device used in the credits for both Lynch’s Twin Peaks and his subsequent 1990 feature film Fire Walk with Me. In the opening credits of the latter, the camera rolls over what is revealed to be TV static; David Lynch’s name appears last in the roster, then someone smashes the TV with an ax. White Noise also drew inspiration from his 1997 film, Lost Highway, a psychological thriller in which the lead character is tormented by video tapes of himself sent to his home. 

The White Noise parka and skirt showcase a small version of the print that could be mistaken for heritage houndstooth from a distance, while it is blown up to graphic effect on shoes and scarves.