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Watch the video showcasing the KENZO loves Printemps pop-up store and mobile application.


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Video by Samy la Famille

Music: Gold Island – Bok Bok and L-vis 1990 remix by Surkin.



To best convey the atmosphere and themes of our Spring 2014 collections for men and women, we collaborated with director Hala Matar and actors Anton Yelchin and Lydia Hearst. The movie seeks to incite the mood and spirit we associate with America's West coast and more importantly the ambiance of early 1960’s. A good introduction to our main inspiration of the season. Welcome to California!

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It takes place with our two protagonists riding around a set in vintage cars, arriving at different locations reminiscent of those in old Hollywood movies. The hair is gelled, the conversation is stunted. The atmosphere brings us back to how we feel when watching a Rock Hudson movie and when we look at photos of cocktail parties in Palm Springs. For the director the connection between the cars and the collection is that they “both share the timelessness and classic feel”. For us, the wave prints recall an age of visiting the beach during the heyday of 60’s surfers.


Both Anton and Lydia embody the leading man versus ingenue qualities that we used to see in movies from the swinging decade. The music, borne of a collective of live musicians, a mini-orchestra narrating the action in each scene, effortlessly channeling the dance between man and woman, love and regret.

KENZO campaign gets animated!

Much in the vein of the KENZO Fall/Winter 13 campaign, the collaboration leans playfully towards the surreal and paints another picture of the KENZO universe.

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Inspired by the primary Spring/Summer themes for men and women, we are plunged into a fantasy world of giant fish, waves and mesmerizing marine elements.
Model and actress Devon Aoki features alongside Paul Boche in the series of thought provoking images.


Animation by Thomas Traum
Music: "Groove-Script" by Joe Howe (forthcoming on Sound Pellegrino)

Daniel Sannwald is a German photographer and director based between London and Munich. He directed a very colorful neon video for M.I.A's new single "Y.A.L.A" where she wears a KENZO Lotus Eyes dress and KENZO jewelry by Delfina Delettrez. He talks about his collaboration with the artist and the magazine...

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"I really like working with M.I.A.  I met her first for her album artwork shoot a while ago. A lot is based on trust and mutual appreciation for each others work. We both really enjoyed working together and thought it could be cool to do a video one day. I was very happy when the i-D x Kenzo x MIA project came up. The brief was very open and was a dialogue between i-D, M.I.A and I. She is quite a free spirit and changed the song 3 times before the actual shoot. I quite love her for that as she works very much with her instincts and so do I. It was a bit stressful to pull a video together in such little time, but I am very happy with the end result. I wanted to create a visual story rather then a narrative based piece. The idea was to create a psychadelic trip and a lot of colours! As we worked with a visual journey the track gave us the speed of the edit and how we used and applied certain effects. We also tried to pick the looks which worked best in the UV light. It's nice how the clothes start glowing in some parts of the video! 

MIA has a very strong vision, something I think is very rare these days with some artists.  She wants to make sure that the work resembles her artistic message. However, she has always seen this as a collaboration between the two of us and luckily both our creative visions are very close to one another".



Models having fun backstage just before the women's Spring/Summer 2014 show with the collection and our new iconic bag: the Kalifornia!



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Music: SOPHIE - BIPP (out now on Numbers)

Here's the new version of the KENZO x SIGG water bottle we gave as a gift to our guests yesterday at on our women's Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show.

You can see the melted fish, key pattern of the collection, printed on it.

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Discover the invitation our guests had received for our show tomorrow morning !

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Our new video on this season women's collection is a tribute to Bollywood cinema. Super dense images, filled to the brim with movement, akin to the prints of the Fall/Winter collection. 



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"For our Fall/Winter 13 collection video we wanted to pay reverence to a culture, rite and form that we have been obsessed with for a very long time. This film is an ode to Bollywood dancing. The movement, the choreography, the energy, the color - all of the elements that contribute to this traditional Indian style of dance is beautiful and we felt it was the perfect way for us to express the intensity and spirit of the garments from our women's Fall Winter collection. Three girls, nimble and elegant, move with an agile grace through the dark room, lit only by the headlights of the cars and an oversize lamp, a reference to the powerful moon that looms over every movement. The all-seeing eye, a prominent print in the collection, tattooed now in the dancers' palms alludes to the strength of extra vision, and also to a spiritual protection from above."

Carol and Humberto


Partel Oliva - duo directors - explain that "the entry point was Ilaiyaraaja, one of the greatest Indian film composers, and from his bottomless repertoire we picked a song from the Tamil movie "Chinnappadass" (1989). It's a great percussive song, which immediately brought to mind a hyper compressed dance number, as if the wonderfully extensive dances that define Bollywood cinema were condensed into a flurry of frames, shots and moves. In the second part of the video, scored by French producer Surkin, we move into classic 90s rap promos territory".


Directed by Partel Oliva
Produced by Iconoclast
Producer: Roman Pichon Herrera
DOP: Nicolas Loir
Editor: Nicolas Larrouquere
Post-production: Mikros
Choreography: I Could Never Be A Dancer
Dancers: Aliashka Hilsum, Ana Pi, Claire Tran
Styling: Annabelle Baldero Lacuna
"Aathu Ethu Yethu" by Ilaiyaraaja
"Lotus Rhythm" by Surkin

Special thanks to Julien Dechery