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Artistic directors have the professional advantage of remaining anonymous for most viewers of their work, while the best of the bunch enjoy the recognition of their peers and photographer and editor colleagues. 

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Juan Gatti is known only to connoisseurs of Spanish movie poster and sleeve art from the 1980s onwards. These two retrospective books are a moving tribute to Gatti’s work with Almodovar, Miguel Bosé, the Elite agency logo, various fragrances and Peter Lindbergh’s photography books. The first volume is dedicated to his work as an artistic director and the second to his photography. Gatti’s signature style can be traced back to the rehashed European aesthetic he grew up with in his native Argentina, which he was to re-import to modern-day Spain and beyond.

"Juan Gatti Photo Graphics", Juan Gatti, 2011, 620 p. Published by La Fabrica, Madrid.
Kenzo, 49, avenue George V, Paris.

Fast fashion would have us believe that the entire free world now dresses the same. Documentary makers Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroeck demonstrate that strikingly rigid dress codes do in fact continue to exist.

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Teenagers, Young Executives, Tattoo Babes, Chairmen and Bimbos all express a group identity through their wardrobe choices. The book documents 58 social groups in 12 portraits. Each portrait is identically framed and shot on a white background, and the “models” have been asked to strike the same pose: “Exactitudes”, is a contraction of “exact” and “attitude”. This volume archives a defined period (1994-2002) but more importantly illustrates the combination of elements that make up a style, and how people are tied up with their social, political or sporting allegiances. A far cry from ready-made fashion.

"Exactitudes", Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroeck, 2002, 128 p. Published by 010 publishers, Rotterdam.
Kenzo, 49, avenue George V, Paris.

Fashion has been trawling trends of yore for three decades now. The 1950s to 1980s have proven rich sources of vintage inspiration. But what came before? 


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This timely compilation examines fashion from the 1900s to 1940s. Reeling through the decades, the book covers looks and postures while keeping the focus on products. This was an era in which bespoke tailoring was the order of the day: sales were in fabrics and other raw materials. The nascent role of publicity is reflected in increasingly sophisticated catalogs and advertisements, with the book serving as a crash course in applied graphic design. A surprising absence of photographs cedes place instead to illustrations and an idealized construct of the male and female model.



"Mono 82"5 - Vintage Fashion 00’s-40’s, 2011, 304 pp. Published by World Photo Press
Kenzo, 60 rue de Rennes, Paris.

Tomorrow, our French stores are open!


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