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Come back here on KENZINE for our live streaming on Sunday morning!


At 9.45AM you will have access to the arrivals and the atmosphere of the show.

And at 10AM you'll discover our first show live streaming, followed by Carol and Humberto's interview



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Starting at 7AM, backstage images by Mai Hua will also be available on our twitter (@kenzo_paris) and Instagram accounts.

Yesterday KENZO and Google announced their collaboration on the eve of Paris fashion week, fusing the worlds of fashion and technology.

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KENZO designed a custom design pochette for the new NEXUS 7, a tablet wich offers the best of Google technology: over a million applications accessible via the play store and the highest definition screen of its type. To give the NEXUS 7 a stylish edge Carol and Humberto have adorned the custom pochette with a design drawn from one of its key ribbon prints from the Fall/Winter 2013 collection for women.


KENZO and Google+ are also happy to announce a partnership for a live streaming of the Spring/Summer 2014 show. From 7AM CET, people will be able to log onto watch backstage images and later a transmission of the show live from Paris, starting at 9.30AM.


The limited edition pochette will be available in the e-shop from the beginning of October for 85 euros.