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It's a well known story that the 'Liberty enlightening the world' was designed by a French sculptor (Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi) as a gift to the United States from the people of France.

Yet very few people know that hundreds of smaller replicas have been created worldwide. The first (original) statue stands in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris but there is an other one near the Grenelle Bridge on the Île aux Cygnes. So the Statue of Liberty is also part of the Parisian monuments and made complete sense in our Spring/Summer 2015 collection inspired by the city of love and the city that nevers sleeps!

The Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower were two elements of the same idea: Carol and Humberto's outsiders vision of Paris throug the eyes of two Americans raised in California and living in New York. 


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For Christmas, the iron ladies both turn gold in a shiny version for men and women, announcing a whole collection in Spring/Summer dedicated to New York and Paris.

Like Kenzo Takada before them, Carol and Humberto presented what they themselves called an “outsider’s view” on the French look for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection : 'Living between Paris and New York, we love and revere the ease and effortlessness of French dressing. And it all started for their debut collection when they played with classics of the French vestiaire but also twisted a version of the KENZO logo by adding an Eiffel Tower. A reference to the French origins of the house but also a fun allusion to their outsider's view as they say they "love excess à la Française"!

The Eiffel Tower is now an permanent piece of the collection that comes back every season but it's also the star of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, inspired by Paris.


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And for Winter, Carol and Humberto added to to the fun with an illuminated Eiffel Tower.

KENZO celebrates its symbols, the fish, the eye or even the tiger, with a new print: the multi logo!

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Found on shoes, iPhone covers and weekender bag, they are all available on the men's e-shop.

Kenzo Takada always created icons that were easily recognizable at first glance. Today, Carol and Humberto continue this tradition by creating a contemporary wardrobe for the brand by incorporating new symbols such as the tiger, the eye or the logo

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For the Spring/Summer collection, the duo went to the edge of the ocean to draw inspiration in creating the emblems of the season: fish, waves and palm trees are now part of the brand’s visual vocabulary. And if you like our icons, just wait for Fall/Winter: they will all be back at the same time on a very unique pattern mixing eyes, tigers, flying tigers, clouds and fish.

Today, our throw back Thursday comes from Denise Lai, blogger and founder of SUPERWOWOMG and her KENZO logo sweatshirt from 1994. Twenty years ago!

She explains: "My mom always dressed me and my little sister like twins since we were so close in ages (just 14 months apart!). Of course we had to be in matching KENZO ENFANT sweaters for our yearly new year's eve party back in 1994!"

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And if you like it here's our current version for women or for men.

Our brand new golden and shiny Tiger sweat-shirt just hit the e-shop!

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Discover also our brand new silver Eye sweat-shirt and the sparkling Eiffel Tower sweat-shirt and get ready for Christmas!

Our brand new silver and shiny Eye sweat-shirt just hit the e-shop!

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Discover also our brand new the golden Tiger sweat-shirt and the sparkling Eiffel Tower sweat-shirt and get ready for christmas!

We asked Tim Lahan to play with some idioms of the English language involving our icon of the season: the eye. Time for his third illustration!


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If you want to discover the first one and the second one click on the links.

Our Tiger sweatshirt is back for Fall/Winter, darker and discrete, tone on tone.

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You can find it in our eshop.