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KENZO had the pleasure of collaborating with Seattle-based Hip Hop collective Shabazz Palaces on our Spring/Summer 2014 mood video, directed by Kahlil Joseph. We caught up with the legend that is Ishmael Butler, who leads the group, to muse on California, Kahlil and making music.    

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KENZINE: Can you tell us a bit about Shabazz Palaces and your collaborators in the group?

Ishmael Butler: Shabazz collaborators are the black constellationaires themselves; Fly Guy Dai, Cat and Stas, Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Nep Sidhu, OCNotes, Blood, Thadillac, Kahlil and so forth and so on. We further along the spaceways; we come in the name of WE, flossing game and jewelry, untamed and poised.

K: You have worked with Kahlil Joseph before, on your video for 'Black Up'. Tell us about your creative relationship.
I.B.: Kahlil is like Lester Young or Charlie Parker; his improvisations destined to become new rules, he asks himself unanswerable questions. He goes about explaining things 500 ways at once. Like a relentless basketball player, he is looking constantly for an opening - a lane, a back door cut to the alley hoop. The ball is an idea; the rim a portal to infinity. He is on offense forever. Winking knowingly at beauty; confirming their understanding of one another.

K: You were signed to Seattle-based SubPop records, and are now doing A&R for them yourself. How are you finding that?
I.B.: We are a music cult bent on world domination: our principals are music, donuts weed and humping. My initiation was tedious and temporally brutal (19 hours) but when I awoke in my cubicle, forest animals with human faces smiled from an orange sky upon me and I received a Mudhoney  t-shirt.  Oh and my pants were unzipped.


K: California is the home state of KENZO creative directors Carol and Humberto, and served as the umbrella influence for the KENZO Spring/Summer 2014 collections: a paradoxical place where huge sprawling cities are fenced in by mountains, ancient forests and the ocean. Which elements of California fascinate you most?
I.B.: The sun. Its seductive and rejuvenative power.  The blanket of light and warmth it lays across peoples’ psychology.  Its endless autocades and the daily ritual of burning smog.  The coastline and the vast ocean lapping at its edges.  The women.


K: Have you ever visited Paris? What did you think?
I.B.: I think I have lived in Paris in some life. I am comfortable there and familiar and when I arrive in the city, a former self is awakened so I cannot remain inside.


K: What was the last thing you saw, heard, felt or saw that moved you?
I.B.: My daughter over the phone say "hey dad".

Partel Oliva, the art director duo behind KENZO's latest video by Kahlil Joseph, take us behind the scenes of the video shoot with this emotive series of photographs.

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Discover the KENZO Spring/Summer collection here

KENZO’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is about California as a nexus of experiences, radiating from Carol Lim & Humberto Leon’s teenage years. For this latest film, KENZO collaborated with director Kahlil Joseph. A resident of Los Angeles, he is known for a string of stellar short films and music videos, including Flying Lotus’s ‘Until the Quiet Comes’ and Shabazz Palaces’ ‘Black Up’.

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Through his lens, the world appears as fragmentary and paradoxical - as a series of beautiful visual riffs. Joseph’s unique vision is the perfect complement to KENZO’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which encapsulates California in all its many guises: sensual yet tough, relaxed yet intense, sophisticated yet free-spirited.



In this profound and uplifting short film, Kahlil Joseph conjures up an otherworldly Los Angeles, one awash in myths and visions: a man ordering fish in a Jamaican restaurant, the regal beauty of a woman overlooking the sea, a beautiful boy paying homage to a beached dolphin. Shot on 16mm film, the amalgamation of images--at once utterly real and splendidly fantastical--is deployed through a loose narrative driven by pure emotion.


Written and directed by Kahlil Joseph.


Grace Mahary
Palaceer Lazaro
Tykee Dawkins
Chris "Worm" Lewis


Music by Shabazz Palaces
Cinematography by Jason McCormick
Art direction by Partel Oliva
Styled by Mobolaji Dawodu & Annabelle Baldero Lacuna
Produced by Onye Anyanwu & Alejandro De Leon
Produced by Pulse Films and What Matters Most