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Kalifornia is the name of KENZO’s signature bag. Launched in Autumn/Winter 2013, it received a sundrenched summer makeover of bright colors and aquatic prints for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

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Humberto Leon and Carol Lim both hail from the Golden State, and the Californian culture they grew up with continues to influence them and inform KENZO with a new, energetic spirit. The Kalifornia bag is the unprecedented perfect synthesis between Parisian chic and Californian laid-back attitude.

Kalifornia was launched last December in an indoor skate park in Los Angeles, where four pro skaters were rode the dinner table while Kelela and Total Freedom from Californian label Fade to Mind took care of the music. Carol and Humberto’s friends – including Fergie, Rashida Jones, Rose McGowan, Gia Coppola and Devon Aoki, muse of course of the  Spring/Summer 2014 campaign – all dropped by to support KENZO for the launch.

Last Wednesday, our KENZO Kalifornia bag made its debut in L.A. surrounded with our favourite girls : Devon Aoki, Jessica Alba, Langley Fox and Rashida Jones who sported different colorways of the bag.

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Sight is the sense prized most of all by movie-makers, and the inclusion of the word “eye” in a film title is not without significance, often alluding to subtleness, double-crossing or recursion. It is as if the producers wanted us to watch the movie twice, rather than letting us sit back and indulge in a lengthy tale. In an era when we are all under the surveillance of the electronic eyes of cameras phones, the question of eyes and what they see has never been more relevant.


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Eyes of Laura Mars (Irvin Kershner, US, 1978)


Fashion photographer Laura Mars (Faye Dunaway) has a premonition of her editor’s murder. Stylized sets and the fashion feel of a photo shoot sit slickly alongside photography by Newton as we take a glimpse through the eyes of the heroine.