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The new KENZO x New Era caps for Fall/Winter 2014 have arrived!

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Shop the collection for men and women online.

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Today, our throw back Thursday comes from Denise Lai, blogger and founder of SUPERWOWOMG and her KENZO logo sweatshirt from 1994. Twenty years ago!

She explains: "My mom always dressed me and my little sister like twins since we were so close in ages (just 14 months apart!). Of course we had to be in matching KENZO ENFANT sweaters for our yearly new year's eve party back in 1994!"

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And if you like it here's our current version for women or for men.

Our iconic KENZO sweatshirt comes now in a new version mixed with our print of the season: the Eye!

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It's available in our e-shop!

Watch out! Our iconic print the Lotus Eye has been giffed!

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It now winks!

The main element of the women's collection this season is the eye and it is everywhere

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In this print, the eye is mixed and merged with lotus flowers, a flower often seen in oriental philosophies such as buddhism and hinduism where divinities are often sitting on this flower.

This flower is also present in Chinese culture and is associated with purity, as the lotus emerges from dark swamps to bloom into a beautiful flower.

Lastly it is the national flower symbol of India, one of the countries that inspired our collection.

It is thought that no other culture in history has revered the eye as a symbol and used it more in its art and iconography than that of ancient Egypt.

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Even aside from the Eye of Horus, perhaps the most well-known of all Egyptian symbols, ancient Egypt was filled with eyes: eyes as gods and goddesses, eyes as the sun and the moon, eyes as mathematical figures, and as the symbol of the simultaneously destructive and nourishing floods.
While the Eye of Horus is considered the left eye, representing the moon, the right eye is called the Eye of Re (or "Eye of Ra"), and, opposite Horus, represents the the Sun God Ra. It is shown as a yellowish-red circle, appearing like the sun and carrying the powers of light, heat, and fire, but hiding its true power as the eye of a God. Because of this it was commonly appeared in statues, floating over the heads of Gods and Pharaohs,  as well as in amulets that ordinary people could use for protection, in life as well as in the after-life. But because of the sun's destructive power, the eye is also seen as a dangerous symbol and is manifested in many dangerous gods and goddesses that are not easy to befriend and whose power is not easy to pacify.

Blue is one of the main colours of our women's Fall/Winter collection, an oneiric hue that matches perfectly our Eye print. Here's a selection of some blue pieces we really like in our e-shop.

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Our now classic KENZO LOGO sweatshirt comes in Japanese this season!

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Available on the eshop.