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Julien Ceccaldi is the French-Canadian illustrator and graphic novelist who created the signs of the KENZODIAC. KENZINE catches up with him to hear more about his work and for travel tips from Montréal.

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KENZINE : What is your star sign, and how does it define you ?

Julien Ceccaldi : Like Conchita Wurst and Charles Manson, I have the sun in Scorpio with Taurus rising (two polar opposites). This combination makes for satanic power, moral endurance and a whole load of self-love.


K : Which sign did you enjoy drawing the most ?

J.C.I had a laugh drawing Leo’s hand: it’s talon-like, but it also takes inspiration from Lady Gaga’s Monster Claw, the symbol of her fandom. I am also quite proud of how the water turned out in the logo, and the Pisces and Aquarius signs.

K : Do you find that the style of Manga suits the KENZO woman somehow ?

J.C. : KENZO as a brand reflects a pop mentality that you find in Manga. For instance, the Hokusai wave influences in the Spring/Summer 2014 collection made me think of a short story by Shôhei Kusonoki. It’s an interior monologue coming from a vase abandoned in a stream, and the water runs at different paces, in all directions across the page.

K : Where do your inspirations come from and is there a continual idea you try to project through your work?

J.C. : For my comic strips, I take snippets of conversations from here and there - in a café or in Youtube videos for example – all situations in which one hopes to be in control of the image they're projecting. Everyone struggles trying to best represent themselves, and  it's even more of a challenge to have others accept this image.

K : At KENZO, travel informs everything we do. What are your favourite destinations around the world?

J.C. : Everything becomes clear in my head each time my private jet lands in Los Angeles. I love Biarritz, especially in the winter. I never realized how much I loved the beach until this summer, but then let’s remember that Scorpio is a water sign...


K : You live in Montreal, can you recommend some places to visit?

J.C. : The Drawn & Quarterly bookstore (211 Bernard Ouest) has to be at the top of my list. There you can find the great graphic novels from the publishing house of the same name, but that's far from it all. Just across the street there is La Lumière du Mile-End, a tiny little vegan restaurant. I am a major glutton when it comes to the pastries from a bakery called Maestro, just a five minute walk down the street. Once the sun goes down, I try to be wherever DJ Babi Audi is playing.


K : For Autumn/Winter 2014, the ouevre and femme fatales of David Lynch were amongst the core inspirations. Who are your artistic heroines?

J.C. : In the graphic novel Brother, Dear Brother (by Ryoko Ikeda) and in the animated series of the same name, the character Fukiko-sama is the Queen Bee of her school. She is elegant, haughty, frosty and authoritative, but under her mask of pride she mourns a childhood love that lasted but a week. The boy in question was her older brother’s friend, who read her a Shakesperean sonnet he was studying for school. She says to have experienced a lifetime's worth of love in one summer. I am also fascinated by Catherine Breillat’s heroines, who often live by the same “all or nothing” creed, except they don’t impose such paralyzing self-restraint on themselves. On the contrary, their grace comes from the way they reject the idea that love and bodies are quantifiable.

K : Which KENZO icon are you most drawn to, the Tiger, the Eye or the Fish ?

J.C. :I would have to say the Eye, because like any other fan of Manga I have filled pages and pages of eyes – not faces, not even noses, but just the eyes – enormous and filled with reflections.

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Happy Holidays!

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Illustrated by Julien Ceccaldi and with horoscopes by our mystery KENZO astrologer, KENZODIAC holds the secret to what the stars have in store for you, all summer long. 


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