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Our male model for the campaign is Paul Boche. He was born in a small, quiet and quaint city called Eisenach in Germany and is 26 years old. Everything started when he was scouted in the streets of Berlin and he has become since then one of the most talented model of his generation. He has been living in NYC for 5 years.

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Favorite cities:
Tokyo for the old Japanese traditions mixed with a westernized influence.
Paris because everything is so “grand”.
Hong Kong for the skyline.
Berlin because it's my home town, but Berlin is such a "young" city. The wall came down only 24 years ago, and Berlin has been creating its own, new identity since then. A very interesting place.


His style:
My wardrobe consists of a mix between designers and vintage. I mostly wear darker colors, lots of black and grey. But can also be seen wearing purple leather trousers sometimes. I am more casual at the moment. I love sneakers. But I also enjoy dressing up and looking very chic.

Hiking, camping, fishing… I also have a passion for cooking and then I eat everything I cook! And jazz music.


His secret:
My middle name is Maximilian. It is my first name as per birth certificate. So technically people are supposed to use this one… But not even my mum calls me by that name.

About the KENZO campaign:
I felt like there was always such a high energy at the shoot. Everyone on set was proud to be a part of what we were creating. The studio itself looked like a children’s room - so many props were available. It felt very free. That was an amazing experience. The way we were directed made me feel very comfortable and I think we were all just toying around in a big room. Devon and I in front of the camera, the TOILETPAPER team behind it.


About Devon Aoki:
It was very nice to work with her. She is very professional and I enjoyed observing her while she was on set. The way she moved and played with the camera: very subtle movements that translated amazingly on screen.

His playlist on the shoot:
A tribe called Quest - People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
Two very different styles of music, yet both are having a big jazz influence. Amazing!

Favorite visual of the campaign:
It's an amazing story and difficult to favor a particular picture. But the shot where the garments seem to explode off our bodies is just incredible - it's so loud and energetic, I can almost hear the P-E-N-G!

Today, we share a couple of rules to follow if you want to eat fish in a sustainable way and help us fight overfishing!

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When buying seafood, make sure to always find out where it comes from (local is not necessarily sustainable). Once you know where it is from, follow a guide like MCS fishonline in UK or Monterey Bay Seafood Watch in US or WWF seafood guides in other countries. They are great sources of reliable information and referencing.

You can also download personal guides to your phone, computer or purchase mini pocket guides to have on you in person when visiting a restaurant or the supermarket. If you want to find out which restaurants are making efforts to conserve wild fish stocks in UK, France, Spain, US, Belgium and Switzerland then visit


However, trying to find out as much about origins is an excellent habit to get into just to show the fishmonger, retailer or restaurant that you want to see if they know or care. Get in the habit of asking for more detailed information on origins of seafood to appear on labels in shops or on menus!


Ask for more details on method of catch to appear on labels in shops or on menus. It is your consumer’s right to know! You should not eat anything that is rated 5 on the MCS fish to avoid red list of species, on Monterey Bay list of species to avoid and WWF red lists too. Examples of species you will find in these red lists include: European Eel, Bluefin Tuna from Med/Atlantic sources,  North Sea Cod, Orange Roughy and all deep sea species and Whitebait.

Variety is key. Eat different species of fish to ease the pressure on the big favourite species like Cod, Tuna and Prawns.

Help us fight overfishing by spreading the word! Act Now!

To see how our charity of choice Blue Marine Foundation helps protecting our oceans visit:

The decline of the oceans is the world’s largest solvable problem but with decisive action and support, over the next 20 years, this crisis can be reversed. We listed a couple of facts you should know about overfishing. Spread the word!

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1. In 2013 UK Sea Bass stocks were at their lowest level in 20 years

2. A quarter of the world’s sharks and rays are threatened with extinction

3. 107 species of rays are classified as threatened

4. Whales, dolphins and porpoises are threatened by over-fishing

5. Pirate fishing accounts for an estimated 20% of the world’s catch and as much as 50% in some fisheries

6. More than 85% of the world's fisheries have been pushed to or beyond their biological limits and are in need of strict management plans to restore them.

7. More than 40 species of marine fish currently found in the Mediterranean, could disappear in the next few years

8. Currently, 63% of fish stocks in the Atlantic are over fished.

9. 82 percent of fish stocks in the Mediterranean are over fished.
10. North Sea cod reach spawning age at around four years old. The average age of cod caught in the North Sea is 1.6 years.
11. Scientific estimates suggest that 93% of North Sea cod are caught before they can reproduce

12. The EU fleet is estimated to have the capacity to fish two to three times the sustainable level

13. Overfishing occurs when fish and other marine species are caught faster than they can reproduce

14. Since 1950 one in four of the world’s fisheries has collapsed due to over-fishing

15. In 1938 we landed over 5 times more fish than we do now

16. All species of marine turtles are either critically endangered or endangered.

17. Over-fishing costs the world over $50 billion dollars each year

18. The biomass of large fish in our oceans is only about 10% of what it was before the 1900s

19. For every kilo of shrimp trawled, an estimated 20 kilos of by-catch can be produced which is often thrown overboard, dead

20. Over one hundred million sharks are being killed each year

Discover our "No Fish No Nothing" story by Laetitia Hotte and a line of pieces developped to financially assist the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE): some unisex sweaters and tee-shirts with the slogan “No fish no nothing”. Click here to discover the products for women and for men.

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Photographer: Laetitia Hotte
Assisted by Yannick D'Orio

Set Design: Camille Lebourges
Make Up: Anthony Reel
Hair: Kazuko @ Sybille Kleber
Style: Annabelle Lacuna
Assisted by Jacquelyn Wellington
Models: Eleonora @ Viva et Max @ Bananas

"We are delighted to announce a highly committed partnership with marine protection specialists the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE). Born and raised in California and living in close proximity to the beach and ocean, the protection of all marine life has always been a cause extremely close to our hearts. And with a Spring-Summer Collection for 2014 borne of a maelstrom of oceanic inspirations, we have made it our joint mission to assist in the fight against marine pollution, overfishing and destruction of marine life, through partnering with one of the strongest teams of conservationists today.


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The decline of the oceans is the world’s largest solvable problem and with decisive action and support, over the next 20 years, this crisis can be reversed. BLUE, which was established in 2010 by the team behind the award-winning documentary ‘The End of the Line’, is dedicated to actively and effectively protecting 10 per cent of the world’s oceans by 2020 through establishing a network of marine reserves and innovative private sector solutions. Already, the charity has brokered the creation of major marine protected areas in locations including the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the largest fully protected marine reserve in the world and Turneffe Atoll on the Caribbean coast of Belize, being the largest unprotected fragment of the world’s second largest barrier reef. Before BLUE was born, only 1% of the oceans were protected. Today, this figure has doubled to 2.8% but more needs to be done. BLUE is working hard to ensure our oceans are no longer out of sight and out of mind, but that future generations can appreciate their beauty, and enjoy a sustainable fish supply, for years and years to come.

We were eager to partner with a visionary organization that spoke about how we could live in harmony with the ocean. As we researched different charitable associations, we discovered BLUE to be the perfect match. We wholeheartedly support their mission in creating sustainable fishing and creating marine reserves. We are extremely excited about this long term partnership between KENZO and BLUE and hope to create more and more awareness to this issue.”

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon


BLUE’s mission statement is the active and effective protection of 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020, delivered through a network of marine reserves and private sector led solutions in the sea.
To financially assist the Blue Marine Foundation with all their endeavours, KENZO has launched a line of unisex sweaters and tee-shirts with the slogan “No fish no nothing”. The pieces will be sold in KENZO stores, at (click here to discover the capsule collection for women and for menand other participating retailers.

"There was a distinct chill in the air in Paris this morning, but showgoers kept warm outside the show venue by sipping on cups of black coffee from KENZO coffee mugs. Inside, the scene was set up with wooden structures center stage and graphic markings on the runway. This was an imagined industrial community complete with tin roofs and raw interiors.


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Continuing their love for all things Americana this season Carol and Humberto looked to the Pacific Northwest drawing from the region’s industrial work culture and majestic scenery. As such, the KENZO Fall Winter 2014/2015 man they envisaged is a hard-working, yet elegant, man. His uniform is comprised of well-tailored suiting, cosy knitwear, cropped jackets and voluminous pea coats. There were also the essential chunky safety boots and clogs that channelled an urban lumberjack — if ever there was such a thing.

“We wanted to showcase the industrial side of America,” said Humberto of the collection, once the show had wrapped. “Everything is about function; there is that culture or idea that you make clothing for a specific purpose. We really wanted to explore that functionality and thought that there could be beauty and elegance found in the ordinary.”
Of course there was nothing ordinary about the collection, which, in true KENZO style saw a twisted take on traditional ideas. An everyday fabric concept like plaid was turned on its head and reproduced as a digital print, the checks glowing vividly like electrical wiring.  Likewise a motif that was featured as both a print and as a jewellery design saw “creatures” being constructed from the essentials found in a workers toolbox: nuts, bolts and nails. Cable knits, a staple for working life in the Northwest, were laminated and featured in an acid lime colour that was reminiscent of the glow of a safety vest.

With the exception of this supercharged hue, the palette for the collection was mostly earthen tones —rich browns in shades of espresso and chocolate, deep blues, grey, charcoal, and to throw things off centre a little, lilac purple. “The brown tones were a starting point for us,” said Humberto. “It was a colour that we have a love/hate relationship with, I really wanted to embrace that colour and its potential elegance and beauty.”



The landscape imagery featured on some of the final outerwear looks broke up the palette nicely. Picturesque scenery featuring trees, a flowing river, the silhouette of a mountain range, and a glowing moon, were rendered in appliqué on a leather bomber jacket and a long tailored coat. Inspired by the panoramic views in the Northwest, in the cowboy country states like Montana and Idaho, these images were unexpectedly cast in cool, midnight tones. The overall effect was a slightly darker mood Kenzo, and the eerie soundtrack by New York musician Fatima Al Qadiri made the show a wholly cinematic experience".

The decor of the KENZO fall-winter 2014 menswear show plays on ambiguity.
Once again we are in America, but this time we are far from the sun-drenched Pacific coast of the Spring/Summer collection.

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Carol and Humberto take us to a wealthy suburb, a backdrop that is constantly rejuvenated by the American imagination and teeming with contradictions. These buildings set the scene for the collection because, like these neighborhoods, the collection is also multi-faceted. Seemingly conventional, with its clean, straight tile prints, the collection also contains secrets. Things are not always what they look like...


Friends and family came out in force to see the Fall/Winter 2014 men's show yersterday. 

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Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari represented the Toiletpaper team who directed a second campaign for KENZO for Spring/Summer.

While dozens of fans were taking pictures of Carol and Humberto K-Pop superstars and Big Bang members G Dragon and Taeyang.

Once again, Anthony Turner (hair stylist) and Aaron de Mey (make up artist) did their magic on the KENZO men's show Fall/Winter 2014!

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We are happy to present our collection of KENZO x TOILETPAPER sweatshirts and tee-shirts inspired by our Fall/Winter campaign and available at the e-shop.



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Photography : Laetitia Hotte

Assistant : Yannick D'Orio
Style : Annabelle Baldero Lacuna
Hair : Jonathan Geimon @Airport, using Bumble and bumble
Make up: Christopher Kam @Airport

Models :

Olga and Dasha @Silent models

Karina @Nathalie

Aneita @Next

Magdalena @Marilyn

Alexis @Success