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Tomorrow, our French stores are open!


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Come and see us at:
KENZO Place des Victoires: from 10.30 AM to 7.30PM
KENZO Rennes, George V, Raspail and Madeleine: from 11AM to 7PM
KENZO in Marseille: from 10AM TO 7PM

There's much debate around the KENZO headquarters on Rue Vivienne about what, exactly, is THE perfect meal for your lunch-break, with the myriad of options right around every Parisian corner here. What will give us the right amount of stamina and taste-bud enthusiasm that will help us design the perfect pair of shoes? Today we may finally have found it: Empanadas.

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Empanadas are savory pastries that come in a variety of fillings, ham and cheese, sweetcorn, vegetables, ground meat, and are perfectly baked or fried to a flaky perfection. Today we were treated to some of the best empanadas in Paris, with the people from the Classico Argentino restaurant setting up shop in our courtyard, with all our favorite Argentinian-style empanada flavors freshly baking for us and wafting through our hallways.


Make sure to try Clasico Argentino's emapanadas for yourself at one of their two Paris locations:


Clasico Argentino Marais
56, Rue de Saintonge


Clasico Argentino Première
217, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

Kenzo Takada in the first Kenzo shop in Galerie Vivienne, Paris 1970.