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Lush forests, mountains in silhouette, and the unusual glow of super-sized moons, melting into industrial landscapes of the Pacific Northwest states. This is the majestic yet weird scenery that inspired Carol and Humberto for the men’s Fall/Winter collection, interpreted in cool, twilight tones in several bold and abstracted landscape scenes.

To find out more about what makes this part of the United States so special, KENZINE asked three Pacific Northwest natives to share a travel guide to their region. Jacqui Scoggin of the creative studio Year Round Co. and a prolific cook, introduces Tacoma, Washington.

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'Travel to the Pacific North West and you're sure to meet someone with a laid back vibe about life, and more often than not you'll be standing before a magnificent backdrop of beautiful wooded mountains and coastline. This is true of Tacoma, but the city itself is typically known as the place you drive by on I-5 on the way between Seattle and Portland. It’s also infamous for "Tacoma Aroma", thanks in part to the pulp mill next to the freeway. I promise the city does not smell, but it does have a unique and interesting history. It’s more noble nickname is "City of Destiny” because of the terminus of the Northern Pacific Railroad, opened in 1883 to connect 6800 miles of track between the Great Lakes and the Port of Tacoma. During the 1980s Tacoma went through what we'll call a rough patch, and mentioning that you’re heading up to the Hilltop neighborhood can still fetch you some strange looks. However Tacoma is now one of the top 30 Most Livable Communities in the U.S. and the city is clean, friendly, and an all-round great place to live and visit. Below is a short list of some of our favorite places you shouldn't pass up during your stay.


Bluebeard (2201 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98403)
Like any true Pacific North Westerner, you probably like a good cup of coffee and a pleasant place to enjoy it. Bluebeard is your place. They roast all their beans in-house and take pride in sourcing the most interesting high-grown Arabica beans they can get their hands on, all while caring for their customers and community. The space is light and open, giving you a chance to catch up on the daily news either solo or with friends. They sell the beans they roast too, which makes great gifts or treats to bring home for yourself.

Urban X Change (1932 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402)
Urban X Change is the best place for vintage and used clothing in Tacoma, recently confirmed by local paper Weekly Volcano in their Best of Tacoma guide. The owners have put together a thoughtfully curated collection with a very PNW vibe of classic rugged denim and plaid and you're always guaranteed to find something unexpected. As is typical to Tacoma, the owners open the space up to the community from time to time and you can attend live music, art gallery shows, or even have your own private event.

Wright Park (316 S G St, Tacoma, WA 98405)
The city parks around here are truly amazing and being avid outdoorsmen, if we can't get away to the mountains, the parks offer a quick reprieve from city life. Wright Park is our favorite inner city park, with 27 acres of rich foliage and over 130 diverse species of trees, each of which is marked by name. The park also includes a duck pond, playground, walking path, and designated lawn area for lawn bowling or bocce ball. In the center of the park is the historic Seymour Botanical Conservatory gifted to the city by William W. Seymour. It opens into a jungle of tropical and exotic plants overflowing from every corner; the perfect spot for a morning walk or afternoon picnic with friends. Watch out for the squirrels though, they're fearless and may snatch up your lunch when you're not looking!

Hilltop Kitchen (913 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Tacoma, WA 98405)
Upon entering Hilltop Kitchen, you immediately feel welcomed into an intimate atmosphere set off by exposed wood beams and dark wood tables. The space feels intentionally communal and offers a fine selection of seasonal fresh foods to go with your perfectly pared, hand-crafted drink. Their impressive list of cocktails is divided into two categories "Goes Down Easy" and "Boozy & Odd" and with names like ‘You Got It, Dude,’ ‘Single Dad,’ and ‘Discipline Problem’, you get the idea that these are folks with a sense of humor. Their kitchen menu features produce grown in the Pacific Northwest, but with a Latin American flair that is all their own. Our personal recommendation would be the Street Corn and Cauliflower Tacos.

Museum District (between Dock Street and Pacific Avenue, Tacoma)
There's a reason so many artists and creative types live here and much of it has to do with the support given to the artistic community. In the Museum District of Tacoma you'll find the Tacoma Art Museum, the Museum of Glass, and the Washington State History Museum within walking distance of each other. Throughout the city however, you will find lots of installations and community art, thanks to a big push by Tacoma's Spaceworks Program, who's tagline is 'Vacancy to Vitality!' The program is for local artists that want or need space to create or run a small business. They match applicants to vacant spaces to make use of empty commercial lots and storefronts. It's been a huge asset to the city and the artist community. We ourselves put together a gallery show of our work and the response was encouraging. It's great seeing and hearing about others success stories through the program, while also bringing revolving art installations to those who maybe can't afford a museum ticket price but still appreciate art.

King's Books (218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402)
You would never know they are the largest new and used bookstore in our area, but enter King's Books on any given day, and you are likely to come across Miko or Atticus, the resident feline greeters. The knowledgeable staff can help you navigate the floor to ceiling shelves lined with books to help you find that rare and possibly even out of print book you've been looking for all your life. They have a monthly rotating list of book clubs you can join including the popular Banned Book Club and the Food Justice Book Club. 

Explore our Pinterest map to discover all of our Pacific Northwest spots!

Lush forests, mountains in silhouette, and the unusual glow of super-sized moons, melting into industrial landscapes of the Pacific Northwest states. This is the majestic yet weird scenery that inspired Carol and Humberto for the men’s Fall/Winter collection, interpreted in cool, twilight tones in several bold and abstracted landscape scenes.

To find out more about what makes this part of the United States so special, KENZINE asked three Pacific Northwest natives to share a travel guide to their region. Portland-based photographer and outdoor explorer Kennett Mohrman starts us off on a visual detox: a tour of the PNW’s best trails and strange beauty spots.

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Cape Kiwanda, Oregon - Located on the central Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean's waves crashing onto spectacular, otherworldly sandstone formations. The mysterious atmosphere as the fog rolls in sets the mood to some imagined place in a science-fiction thriller.

Lost Lake, Oregon - For camping with beautiful vistas of Mount Hood, Lost Lake is a must. With canoeing, hiking trails, and comfortable camping amenities, Lost Lake is a popular Oregon destination for good reason. Nothing makes me happier than setting up a hammock among the tall alpine trees as the sun sets, listening as the night brings them alive with strange noises.

Silver Star Mountain Trail, Washington - During the late spring, this out and back mountain trail climbs through hills and fields painted with beautiful wildflowers. After a moderate uphill hike of about three miles, you are rewarded with views of the surrounding cascade mountains on a clear day.

Abiqua Falls, Oregon - After a quick hike through a forest and briefly upstream, this short trail empties into an enormous basalt bowl with a breathtaking waterfall spilling over the edge.

Bull of the Woods Trail, Oregon - For a more intense and long distance hike, Bull of the Woods Trail is a wonderful area for those who love to backpack. Deep in the Hood National Forest, this trail snakes through dense trees, rocky hillsides, open cascade viewpoints, and a few alpine lakes (perfect for cooling off after a long hike!). It's hard to feel larger than an insect here, with the massive pines surrounding you as you attempt to climb and descend many steep ridges. The dead of the night out in this wilderness may be one of the quietest places -eerily so- I have ever hung my hammock to sleep.

Our Landscape pieces are waiting for you in the shop! Don't forget to check out our Pinterest map to discover all the entries of our cityguide.

Beware "the watchful eyes of Argus" at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden.

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This season, KENZO heads out to CaliforniaCarol and Humberto’s home state. We asked Joy Yoon - author of the book 'The best things to do in Los Angeles – 1001 ideas' (Universe / Rizzoli International) - to select some surprising and unexpected addresses in Los Angeles. Our ninth installment of the series is gardens, little known but yet amazing!

This 127-acre arboretum might be smaller than the Huntington Library’s Botanical Gardens, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find any less of an array of things to do and view. Opened in 1956 on land jointly purchased by California and Los Angeles around Lucky Baldwin’s original development site of the modern-day Arcadia, the arboretum is home to exotic towering trees, a turtle-filled lake, the Queen Anne House (an ornately decorated and reportedly haunted Victorian gem), a waterfall, a “house” made of interwined branches, and vegetation from all over the world.

301 North Baldwin Avenue à Arcadia 626-821-3222

Did you know? : According to Greek Mythology, the eyes on a peacick's tail come from Argus, Hera's watchful servant. With one hundred eyes that were always on alert, he was in charge of guarding Zeus' lover Io. In order to free Io, Zeus ordered Hermes to kill Argus. He put his eyes to sleep and then slew him with a rock. Hera took, Argus's eyes and placed them upon the peacock's feather in his memory.

The concept of the journey has always been a central theme to the KENZO brand. Kenzo Takada himself was an avid traveler and the footprints from his travels far and wide can be seen in his collections. His successors, Carol and Humberto, remain faithful to this wandering spirit.


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Last year, Asia was the inspiration for the collections and for 2014, our adventure takes us to the West Coast of the United States. This Summer, we are driving through California taking in its sundrenched landscapes - both urban and coastal - and in Fall, we'll head up North to the rainy, mysterious cities of the Pacific North-West. 

Our male model for the campaign is Paul Boche. He was born in a small, quiet and quaint city called Eisenach in Germany and is 26 years old. Everything started when he was scouted in the streets of Berlin and he has become since then one of the most talented model of his generation. He has been living in NYC for 5 years.

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Favorite cities:
Tokyo for the old Japanese traditions mixed with a westernized influence.
Paris because everything is so “grand”.
Hong Kong for the skyline.
Berlin because it's my home town, but Berlin is such a "young" city. The wall came down only 24 years ago, and Berlin has been creating its own, new identity since then. A very interesting place.


His style:
My wardrobe consists of a mix between designers and vintage. I mostly wear darker colors, lots of black and grey. But can also be seen wearing purple leather trousers sometimes. I am more casual at the moment. I love sneakers. But I also enjoy dressing up and looking very chic.

Hiking, camping, fishing… I also have a passion for cooking and then I eat everything I cook! And jazz music.


His secret:
My middle name is Maximilian. It is my first name as per birth certificate. So technically people are supposed to use this one… But not even my mum calls me by that name.

About the KENZO campaign:
I felt like there was always such a high energy at the shoot. Everyone on set was proud to be a part of what we were creating. The studio itself looked like a children’s room - so many props were available. It felt very free. That was an amazing experience. The way we were directed made me feel very comfortable and I think we were all just toying around in a big room. Devon and I in front of the camera, the TOILETPAPER team behind it.


About Devon Aoki:
It was very nice to work with her. She is very professional and I enjoyed observing her while she was on set. The way she moved and played with the camera: very subtle movements that translated amazingly on screen.

His playlist on the shoot:
A tribe called Quest - People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
Two very different styles of music, yet both are having a big jazz influence. Amazing!

Favorite visual of the campaign:
It's an amazing story and difficult to favor a particular picture. But the shot where the garments seem to explode off our bodies is just incredible - it's so loud and energetic, I can almost hear the P-E-N-G!

Our trip to Kamakura, a sleepy little town an hour outside of Tokyo, really got us yearning for summer. It was the perfect place for a little preview of the summer to come, without that blazing heat! 

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The town of Kamakura is located right on the beach, but if you walk just five minutes up the road you can find a beautiful temple with a statue of Buddha so big you can climb inside it. The statue is famous for being built to be able to sway back and forth without breaking in an earthquake, which has allowed it to stand in Kamakura for over seven hundred years. When we went early this week, after climbing the buddha, we got to eat at one of the amazing soba restaurants in town and then walk down to the beach to fly koi and Hello Kitty kites while drinking some of their famous local beer. It's not quite warm enough to swim yet, but that didn't stop wind surfers in wetsuits and some of the more adventurous kids. We can't wait to go back in the real heat when we'll have no choice but to dive in!

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