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The Palace of Versailles may be known for its fabulous gardens through which Marie Antoinette and three different King Louis (XIII-XVI) once galavanted, and its metamorphosis from Louis XIII's country hunting lodge to foremost symbol of France's former absolute monarchy to modern Parisian suburban palace/tourist magnet. But the sheer amount of small details within the palace and its gardens that are not only noteworthy but breathtaking is astounding. We wove a bit of the palace's glory into our Autumn Winter 2012 collection, after Humberto and Carol visited and became obsessed with one specific grandiose detail: the marble.

Though much of the floors and walls in the palace are covered in beautiful wood and stone and painstakingly painted ancient paintings, much of it is also covered in some of the most gorgeous marble we'd ever seen. And not only the floors and walls and ceilings but the mantel places, doors, stairways, railings, and entire ballrooms are made of exquisitely carved marble in a beautiful array of colors and patterns and emblems. Inspired by the stately beauty of the marble, we created our own marble pattern on pleated skirts and dresses, shirts, and not to mention those Vans, before moving further into exploring the entire world of interiors throughout the collection. Check out some of the photos from the very trip that inspired the collection, and some others graciously provided by the people at the Palace of Versailles themselves, above.


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