Tête à Tête with Brenmar

Brenmar produced Mykki Blanco's "Kingpinning" track Partel Oliva used for our Cloudbusting video. KENZINE interviewed him and we talked about his inspiration, his life touring and talking planes, the sky and the clouds...

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KENZINE: Could you say a few words about your musical background?

BRENMAR: I grew up in Chicago on ghetto house, hiphop, and r'n'b as a kid. In my late teens I got into noise, jazz, punk and indi-rock. I definitely went through my phases before coming back full circle to making/producing club music, hiphop, and rnb.


K: Partel Oliva duo used your "Kingpinning" beat for the KENZO "Cloudbusting" video, how do you think the music feeds the images here?

B: I love it! I think the music fits really well, its a bit surreal in the coolest way possible.


K: There is something in "Kingpinning" that reminds us of the "Akira" soundtrack by Geinoh Yamashirogumi, did you have something like that in mind when you were working on it?

B: I can't say i was actually thinking about Akira when i made the beat but it's funny that you bring that up because i must have seen that movie god knows how many times in my teens, it's amazing and one of my favorite animes. Maybe in some subconscious way i was tapping into that?

K: You have an accurate sense of style, how do you use fashion?

B: I absolutely LOVE fashion . What you choose to wear and how it can say a lot about a person, it's important to me. One of my favorite part of the day is deciding what to wear, it's almost like a game. It's art if you let it be. You look good, you feel good, that's a fact. Designer has its perks for obvious reasons but style is really EVERYTHING, if you got a good eye you can walk out of a cheap store looking sharper than someone walking out of a high-end boutique and that's a great thing. In regards to music, music and fashion go hand in hand, always have, always will for me.

K: KENZO is all about travelling, you tour a lot, what is your favourite city and why?

B: Chicago will always be home in my heart because it made me as i am but New York is my baby, my playground, my inspiration, my favorite city in the world <3 If we're talking touring and foreign though it's either London or Tokyo. London for its club culture and fashion, Tokyo for its food and fashion.

K: Also, as many musicians you must spend a lot of time in planes, where is your favourite place in the sky?

B: First class (lol)


K: Can you think quickly of any good song with the word "Cloud" in it?

B: "Clouds So Loud" by Le1f


K: Where would you like to travel if you could go anywhere now?

B: Africa or the Middle East!


K: What are your projects for the upcoming season?

B: My first solo artist project is coming out in September, 8 songs, all originals, all with vocalists. Its called "High End Times Vol. 1". Followed shortly by a collab ep with the homie dj sliink, all ratchet club music, 4 songs on LA label Body High. 


Listen to "Kingpinning" here.