Tête à tête with brianna capozzi

Brianna Capozzi, a New York based photographer, shot an epic story we published this week on the KENZO x VANS collaboration for this season. She played with the iconic patterns of the men's Fall/Winter collection : Lightning Bolts, Clouds and Flying Tigers.

Kenzine tells you all about it...

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KENZINE: How would you describe your aesthetic?
BRIANNA CAPOZZI: My work is less about the technique of photography and more the making of an image. I am interested in creating the entire story and the styling is extremely important. I often make a lot of the clothing in my personal shoots. I am also really drawn to the models I work with. I am constantly asking strangers on the street to shoot with me. I’m very interested in creating a character based on them, and when I meet someone, I know exactly who I want them to be and need to do the shoot immediately, like tomorrow.
For a long time, my shoots were just the model and I. I would style and do the hair and make up myself; this allowed me to really develop my own aesthetic.


K: Who has influenced you over the years?

B. C.: My biggest influence comes from my schooling. I went to an amazing program at Parsons and, for three years, was taught by Pascale Gatzen. She is one of the most amazing artists and mentors I have come across. She taught me not to be skewed by rules and to go where I want when creating. She has had the biggest impact on how I create and the process I go through to get to my images. Also, Susan Cianciolo and Sarah Aphrodite, both incredible artists and fashion designers, along with Antek Walczak, one of the members from the Bernedete Corporation, taught me to make whatever I want. These people were breaking grounds! Still are. Creating is not really something you can control, thats one of the biggest mistakes people make. When you finally allow it to just be, that is when you will begin to make work that is truly orginal.

K: What is the concept for this story?

B. C.: The concept for this story, which I hope is quite obvious, is that the girls are news anchors reporting on some epic weather.


K: You have your own way of using the models, can you talk about it?

B. C.: Julia (stylist of the KENZO x VANS story) and I are very drawn to the aesthetic of the past, and the eeriness of recreating that. We knew we wanted the girls to look a bit 80s and 90s, and Clark and Niko really got that down with the hair and make up. Also, I still shoot film - maybe that has its own effect on the models, too.

K: Did you have a cult movie or tv show on media in mind for this story?

B. C.: No, not at all. For this shoot I spent more time watching the news than ever before. I recorded the news channels all day and went through them at night. My mother would have been pleased at how up on current event I was. I also watched a lot of 80s news on the web because I knew I wanted the gritty, dated feel. Ed Benitez killed it with the graphics too, perfecting the low quality feel I was looking for. That really brought the images into a new realm. I am, however, aware that a few images are very "Saved by the Bell", which I’m totally down with.


K: How do you use humour in photography or how do you play with images?

B. C.: That’s something that just happens. There is a whole a lot of humor in my life, so it would be pretty hard to not convey that in my work. I will always like something that’s funny more than something that’s not.


K: Are you more a summer, fall, winter or spring girl and why?
B. C.: Summer. A reoccurring conflict in my life is if I should just pick up and move to Hawaii and surf all day. I follow this one amazing pro surfer chick, Alana Blanchard, on instagram and am just in awe of how cool her life is. I mean this one orange wetsuit she wears is unreal! I’m dying to shoot her.

K: The perfect thing to do when it rains?
B. C.: It’s really nice to be alone and make something on those gloomy days and not talk to anyone.


KENZO talks a lot about traveling, what is your favourite city and why? 

B. C.: As much as I can cringe at the fact that I am saying this, I am pretty New York.


K: Do you like photographing or instagraming the sky?

B. C.: Not really. I instagram butts!

K: Where would you like to travel if you could go anywhere now? 

B. C.: Anywhere tropical!

K: What are your projects for the upcoming season?

B. C.: Julia and I put a big personal project on hold to work on this shoot, so we are going to get back on track with that. You’ll see ;) <3


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