Tête à tête : Partel Oliva

Partel Oliva, a creative duo who also oversees the artistic direction of all communication at KENZO for our creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leondirected its first film for the brand: CLOUDBUSTING. Their interpretation of the men’s collection and women’s precollection for Fall/Winter 2013, focusing on the key prints of the season : Day Clouds and Night Clouds. They talk about the concept of the film for KENZINE...

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KENZINE: Can you tell us something about the duo? How long have you been working together?
Partel Oliva: Six or seven years? Partel Oliva is the best excuse we could find to spend our lives together.

K: Who does what in Partel Oliva?
P.O.: We don’t have respective specialities. We try to help one another out, finish each other’s sentences.

K: How did you approach this video for Kenzo? What’s the concept?
P.O.: The concept came from the men’s collection.  We saw these very precise looks emerge at the show, with a focus on technical purpose and function, but they were embellished and decorated with painted motifs. The contrast was beautiful, like a hand embroidered space suit: almost a contradiction. We wanted to expand on that first impression by exploring the world that spawned these looks and the activity that warranted them. That’s how we came up with the motorcycles, the helmeted acrobats perfecting one stunt after another, and the anomaly of the girl in their midst, in breach of a mechanical world."

K: Can you tell us about the music?
P.O.: Our starting point was the gamelan, the instrument used by Geinoh Yamashirogumi in the soundtrack to “Akira.” The finish line was the instrumental from a Mykki Blanco track produced by Brenmar. The two aren’t as far apart as you might think.


K: What’s your favorite KENZO piece for this winter?
P.O.: The raver parkas, the half-moon jacket.


K: If you could hop on a motorcycle and go anywhere, where would you go?
P.O.: Neo Tokyo.