Sanghon Kim is a talented jack-of-all-trades capable of moving from watercolors to computer work in his search for a strong visual universe. His art of mixing techniques gives the work an air of mystery; you’re never sure whether you’re looking at a photomontage, computer graphics or an actual drawing, which is undoubtedly part of his plan to hide his tracks, unnerve the viewer and create dissonant feelings. His airy, poetic and unique style has allowed him to adapt to different types of work, including illustration, typography and graphic design.

We asked him to work on the tiger for Kenzo and he came back with an amazing animated film: the Tiger Fever video.


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In your work, there is an almost esoteric aspect which mingles various rites and legends. Could you tell us about your own visual mythology?

When I work, I try to pay tributes and present a modern-day take at the same time. Every known animal has a symbolic story and we have to be aware of it, if we want to offer something a little different.

Why do you think animal prints are so enduringly popular?

I think people have an even greater desire to dream about nature, to immerse themselves in its strength and its beauty.

From where did you draw your inspiration for the Tiger Fever video?

It is a pop and acid interpretation of the jungle and its true king, the tiger. The idea was to express a visual rage, with feline grace.

What is the underlying idea in this video?

A gentle visual hysteria on a floral and animal level.

How did you go about working with Surkin on the soundtrack? Did you work as partners or bring two separate elements together?

It is a complete partnership. It was telepathic.

How do you perceive the Kenzo brand today?

Before pop.

What are your personal plans for the year of the snake, 2013?

More moving images..