Get a flavour of Carol and Humberto's 90s that inspired the collections this summer: Carol answers 20 questions from 20 years ago! 

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1. A few words about your first evening with Humberto? When I first met Humberto...I knew that we would always had adventures together. The first night I met him, he convinced me to go out dancing in my pyjamas.

2. Name a music album you would bring to a desert island if you could only pick one? Cocteau Twins 'Heaven or Las Vegas'

3. What’s your favorite teenage movie? 'Some kind of wonderful' by John Hughes

4. What’s your favorite TV series? A different world

5. What is your favorite magazine? ID magazine

6. How would you define your style? A mix of sporty and feminine

7. What’s your most amazing/extravagant piece of clothes? MARGIELA hidden heel flats

8. Do you have a piercing? Just my ears

9. A tattoo? No

10. Name three artists who influence your daily life? Wayne Thiebaud, Bob Marley, Ed Ruscha

11. What is your dream job? To be a travel show writer

12. Where would you like to live for the second half of the 90s? London

13. The latest technology that changed your life? Emails!

14. Something you definitely want to try this year? Skydiving

15. Where would you like to travel this summer? South America

16. How would you like to change the world? Never judge and always give someone a chance

17. Tell us a story about an important day in your life this year? The day I met Humberto!

18. This year I spent too much time doing... Work. I want to have more fun!

19. Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Doing something that I love and that I'm good at and where I can learn everyday.  

20. How do you envision 2014? Perhaps space travel will be normal?