Last season our collection brought you into the midst of the asian jungle, touring the animal rulers and human explorers within. This season we're exploring the skies, the asian gods, and their earthly temples, including clouds in the day and night, cloud-hopping tigers, and aerodynamic pilots. This month on the KENZO blog we'll take you to meet some of our favorite tiger- and tiger-riding- gods and goddesses and the cultures they've influenced.


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The Hindu Goddess Durga is one of the most powerful Goddesses in Hinduism, being an incarnation of Devi, the female side of the divine. She is usually depicted as having either ten or eighteen arms, all holding weapons to protect herself and her followers from all directions. She's seen as the great protector, defending her worshippers from evil and dispelling their misery. As Hindu Gods and Goddesses are usually depicted with symbolic props, like vehicles and weapons, Durga also has her favored mode of transportation. Especially in Bengali depictions of her, her favored mode of transportation is, of course, the tiger. Her ability to ride a tiger demonstrates her mastery of all the tiger's best qualities, including power, will and determination, making her the most powerful protecting Goddesses in Hinduism.