Welcome to Hyères!

The 29th International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères starts tomorrow! KENZINE is live from Hyères to bring you all the news throughout the weekend. 

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Founded in 1985 by Jean-Pierre Blanc, the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères takes place in April each year in the unique venue of the Villa Noailles, set high above the coastal town of Hyères in the South of France. A major event in the art and design calendar, the Hyères Festival is above all a celebration of creativity: providing a platform for a hand-picked selection of talents across the fields of fashion design, photography, sculpture and design.

The early modernist Villa Noailles was built in 1923 by architect Robert Mallet-Stevens for art patrons Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, and provides the perfect backdrop to the festival. The programme of the festival takes place across four days, around the different rooms and outdoor spaces of the majestic Villa Noailles beyond into the town of Hyères.

For 2014, Carol and Humberto are presidents of the Fashion jury, and the KENZO FOREVER, NO? exhibition is being held in the ‘swimming pool’ of the Villa Noailles. Fashion shows of the competition finalists take place every day, while the chance to run into Steve Hiett, Charlie Engman or even Spike Jonze in the hanging garden may be the festival highlight for some. This year, Laurence Alvart of Stage of the Art has provided the sublime soundtrack for the Hyères festival, with Chloë Howl, C.A.R. and Jaako Eino Kalevi performing across the weekend.

Stay tuned to the KENZO blog to hear the latest reporting throughout the festival, as well as following us on Twitter and Instagram @Kenzo!

Hyères 2014 poster by TOILETPAPER.

Villa Noailles by Olivier Ansellem.