winners of the #KENZOSKY contest


We are happy to announce the winners of our #kenzosky Instagram contest! All through the summer, we asked you to get inspired by our Fall-Winter sky prints (day clouds, night clouds, thunderbolts, raindrop…) and shoot your most beautiful sky.


The participation was amazing! Thanks to you and your #kenzosky tagged pics, we went all over the world and discovered how creative and inspired is the KENZO instagram community! Here are the winners, picked by Carol and Humberto. Thanks again for your participation and if you don’t follow us on Instagram yet, join at @kenzo


Congratulations to our grand winner, Monica Martins (@monicamartins) from Rio de Janeiro, who wins a “Day Clouds” sweatshirt for this amazing shot (the first picture with the clouds on the window). Here’s what Monica says about this pic :

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“I took this one at the Caracol Park in Canela, near Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, this year, where my husband was one of the judges at one of the biggest film festivals of Brazil. So when we got to the balcony, while everyone was looking down, I looked up and noticed that there was a window to the sky. And there was my shot."

Here is what Carol and Humberto had to say about their pick : “This is a wonderful sky picture and we love the fact that it needs a double take, that it takes a second to understand what it is. And we happen to do that too with our work!”


The following winners got picked by Carol and Humberto and won a “Day Clouds” iPhone5 case :

Laura Miano (@lauramiano) from Melbourne, Australia :

“This picture was taken while I was on a road trip to Byron Bay. A friend and I happened to wake up at 5am and when we went outside we were greeted with this amazing sunrise!”

Julie Lours (@julielours) from Montreal, Canada :

“July 19 2013 in Toronto. After a thunderous storm, there was a post-aocalyptic atmosphere in the city, clouds were litteraly poping out of the sky which had turned all yellow… Time to go out for a beer and capture that eerie vision with my rusted iphone!”

Christian Scharf (@torrent_av) from Stockholm, Sweden :

“This photo was sprung out of inspiration straight after a visit to the modern art section of the National Art Gallery, with the more-than-awesome room of Calder sculptures. It actually shows a small part of the triangular stylish west wing building against the blue Washington D.C. sky. The darkened black section is a real mystery, I really have no idea where it came from.”

Nicolas Talon (@nicolas_heel) from Rhode Island, USA :

“I took this pic in a field near my French hometown. I’ve always wanted to go to United States and since last August it became a reality : I am studying in Rhode Island for a year!”

Homs Padrisa Carme (@carmehomsp) from Barcelona, Spain :


“I took this photo at Cotllioure (France) in Easter week, on april 2013. It was a trip of many good pictures along the route Barcelona, Cadaques, Cap de Creus, Collioure. It was a nice rainy week but very lovely. I've got good memories!”

Pauline Alexia (@blogenbeaute) from Paris, France :

“On a spring evening, as I was standing on my balcony in Paris, I got taken over by the magic of the sky…”

Jorge Fuentes Cervantes (@georgefuentesc) from Mexico :

“I took this picture while I was having a break from a busy day in summer, I saw the sky and it make me felt like fliying =)”

Jenny Remy (@remysreflections) from New York

Steven Singorahardjo (@ssingorahardjo) from Indonesia

Tyler Snyder (@tylerjsnyder) from Houston