You’re invited to the Kenzo Mens SS13 show here. Open your invitation and you’ll find a tin box containing, in addition to your (nearly) indestructible written invitation, a few survival necessities should you find yourself in the jungle:

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- a whistle, that doubles as a waterproof match container,

- a flint and saw striker, to start a fire on dry kindling,

- a length of high-tension rope, for climbing, lifting, or securing,

- and a carabiner to hold it all together on your belt loop.


Don’t forget to improvise; tie the rope to the carabiner to hang your shorts to dry, or attach the invitation to the carabineer as a flotation device for your survival kit. Should you forget the basics of how to use any of these objects, remember to turn your box over for further instructions.


And get ready for all the behind-the-scenes action we’ve got for you from the runway this weekend. Follow us on Twitter @kenzo_paris and Instagram @kenzoparis_hq Saturday, June 30th from 9am CET, for our live coverage of the show onstage and backstage!