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Summer 2017 + Resort

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Spring Summer 2017



Nightlife is the soul of any city.
Growing up in L.A., we had West Coast club life, but New York nightlife was what we craved.
This collection pays homage to club lore that narrates our past and paves the way for tomorrow.
Long live the venues and parties that will create and incubate the legends to come.

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon


Sound Factory - Twilo - Area - Save the Robots - Body & Soul - Lit - The Cock - Berliniamsburg - Luxx - Max Fish - Escuelita - Crash - Sway - Morrissey Night - Beatrice Inn - Foxy Dollars - The Misshapes - Roxy - Spa  - Beige - I C Guys - Wonder Bar - Tunnel - Limelight - Club USA - Shelter - Palladium - Giant Step  - Sugar Babies - Konkrete Jungle - Jungle Nation - Egg - Shelter - Salon - Wednesday’s at Flamingo East - Foxy at the Cock - Camouflage - Café Con Leche - Juniorverse - Body and soul - Factoria 21 - Body Positive - Soup - Kurfew - Click + Drag - Trannychaser - Heroes - Killer - Soundlab - Clit Club - Night of a Thousand Stevies - Jackie 60 - Asseteria - Black Blanc Beur - Meow Mix - Cattyshack - Disco 2000 - Drink Land at Crowbar - Motherfucker - The Cooler - APT - S.O.B’s - Holy Mountain - 11:11 - Output - Up ‘n Down - Boiler Room - Metropolitan - Battle Hymn - Plaid - Standard Notions - Cherry - Make Out City

The video of the Show

Collection notes

Collection notes

The KENZO man will spend all of summer 2017 dancing inside his own head. He will moonwalk all the way back to the 90s, to party in a faraway fantasy city, where the lights shine bright and the beats never stop.

Our hero du jour, a nostalgic party boy is off to a sartorial rave. To fit in with the crowd, he has painted logos from vintage flyers all over his candy-colored shell suits. He knows where to head to: he has even inscribed the address on his shirt.

Once he hits the (imaginary) dance floor, he immediately spots her. Undulating by the smoke machine, she is wearing a t-shirt dress adorned with industrial eyelets and layered with an oversized spaghetti top. Her masculine blazer is XXL and worn with a belt; her double denim suit, in black or white, is perforated and paired with sparkling ankle boots: it is her time to shine.

As the couple exits the club, head covered by a flat cap and body draped in an oversized, snake print windbreaker, they head downtown for a hot dog or an ice-cream (or, if all else fails, they’ll embroid the food on the Varsity jackets.)

Our Romeo and Juliet of the night have also pulled up their boxer short from under their cropped baggy pants, in order to show off their elaborate, multicolored footwear.

A few more fashionable twists are about to spice up their night: short-suits to keep cool while doing the robot dance; pastel bomber jackets to look both tough and sweet.

But all good things come to an end, and a large eye painted on a jacket informs them that their parents are outside the club looking for them. Time to go home, mister and mademoiselle Cinderella.