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KENZO Signature Backpack, BLACK, KENZO
KENZO Signature Backpack
Kanvas Backpack, PALE GREY, KENZO
Kanvas Backpack
Multi Eye Backpack, BLACK, KENZO
Multi Eye Backpack
Flying Tiger Backpack, MULTICOLOR, KENZO
Flying Tiger Backpack
Out of stock
Allover Eyes Backpack, BLACK, KENZO
Allover Eyes Backpack
Out of stock
Multicolor Backpack, MULTICOLOR, KENZO
Multicolor Backpack
Out of stock
Multi Icons Backpack, BLACK, KENZO
Multi Icons Backpack
Flying tiger Backpack, PERRIWINKLE, KENZO
Flying tiger Backpack
Multi Icons Backpack, PINE, KENZO
Multi Icons Backpack
Leather Tote Bag, BLACK, KENZO
Leather Tote Bag
Multi Icons Drawstring Backpack, MULTICOLOR, KENZO
Multi Icons Drawstring Backpack
Out of stock
Flying Tiger Drawstring Backpack, PINE, KENZO
Flying Tiger Drawstring Backpack
KANVAS Backpack
Out of stock
Hot Dog Backpack, BLACK, KENZO
Hot Dog Backpack
Leather Briefcase, BLACK, KENZO
Leather Briefcase
 Tarmac  Backpack, BLACK, KENZO
'Tarmac' Backpack
Kanvas Tote Bag, PALE GREY, KENZO
Kanvas Tote Bag
 Tarmac  Satchel, DARK CAMEL, KENZO
'Tarmac' Satchel