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high winter

OFF WHITE Colorblock jumper for men KENZO
Colorblock jumper
$198.00 $395.00 -50%
NAVY BLUE Wool jacquard and mohair sweater for men KENZO
Wool jacquard and mohair sweater
$223.00 $445.00 -50%
BLACK Quilted Puffa Jacket for men KENZO
Quilted Puffa Jacket
$380.00 $760.00 -50%
DARK KHAKI Landscape x Badges sweater for men KENZO
Landscape x Badges sweater
$188.00 $375.00 -50%
DARK KHAKI Geo Tiger Wool Scarf for men KENZO
Geo Tiger Wool Scarf
$148.00 $295.00 -50%
OFF WHITE Geo Tiger' Sweater for men KENZO
Geo Tiger' Sweater
$223.00 $445.00 -50%
DARK KHAKI 'Argyle' wool sweater for men KENZO
'Argyle' wool sweater
$198.00 $395.00 -50%
DUCK BLUE Tarmac Backpack for men KENZO
Tarmac Backpack
$238.00 $495.00 -50%
BLACK 'Varsity' Clutch for men KENZO
'Varsity' Clutch
$95.00 $190.00 -50%
DUCK BLUE 'Tropical Ice' jacket for men KENZO
'Tropical Ice' jacket
$478.00 $955.00 -50%
DARK KHAKI Extra long knitted cardigan  for men KENZO
Extra long knitted cardigan
$478.00 $955.00 -50%
OFF WHITE KENZO Crest Wool Sweater for men
KENZO Crest Wool Sweater
$173.00 $345.00 -50%
DUCK BLUE Skiing inspiration Pants for men KENZO
Skiing inspiration Pants
$313.00 $625.00 -50%
NAVY BLUE 'Tiger Face' hat for men KENZO
'Tiger Face' hat
$45.00 $90.00 -50%
Out of stock
MULTICOLOR Tropical Ice Sweater for men KENZO
Tropical Ice Sweater
$148.00 $295.00 -50%
NAVY BLUE Reversible 'Tropical Ice' Windbreaker for men KENZO
Reversible 'Tropical Ice' Windbreaker
$270.00 $540.00 -50%