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Get, Give, Glow. Published on 01/11/2018

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A story in 3 chapters
shot by Till Janz
"Your people are like no other,
so go GET them the perfect gift, like the wings of an angel
or a warm cup of soup.

Don’t give up, GIVE in to the warmth of this season
like the light of a candle melting in the pantry.
Open the gift of happiness and share it with others
and may be always yours.
Bright light sparkling sights.

Season’s greetings.
It’s the season to GLOW, to get a perm or a blow.
To be high. And also low.

Nothing but fond memories.
Hearts growing tender like the love of that special friend
sleeping in your arms.

We appreciate your business. The trust you have placed in us.
Acknowledge those who have helped in appreciation of your loyalty.

Thank you for giving us the chance to do what we enjoy
and the smile of a child.

If you’ve really read this far, we’re looking forward to moving in together."

Kenzo & Buffalo Studio
Creative direction: Buffalo Studio
Photography: Till Janz
Set design: Andrew Lim Clarkson
Styling: Tati Cotliar
Styling assistants: Elvija Vitola & Beth Parkinson
Movement: Ryan Chappell
Model 1: Jude @TIAD
Model 2: Nejilka @NEVS
Model 3: Edie Rae @PREMIER
Model 4: Amariachi @SELECT
Model 5: Bibi @CASTING REAL
Model 6: Jonah @CASTING REAL
Model 7: Daniel E @CASTING REAL
Model 8: Che @ANTI AGENCY
Hair: Sonam Solanki
Hair assistant: Masa
Make-up: Mona Leanne
Make-up assistant: Georgia Hope
Production: ArtWorld Agency

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