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Shoreline Memories Published on 24/07/2017

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Shoreline Memories

Photographer Priscillia Saada casts KENZO's Fall Winter 2017 collection in a stylish coming of age story set on the Normandy seaside. Saada's narrative juxtaposes wind-swept beaches and autumnal atmospheres with the vivid, colorful prints and palettes of our Fall Winter looks.
Scenes from classic counterculture cinema come to mind, in which our two (possibly in love) protagonists break from a particularly stuffy family function to find glamour in being overdressed in more rustic surroundings. The sand, the waves, the grass and old vacation homes become the improvised set for a flirtation between fantasy and reality.

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Photographer: Priscillia Saada
Stylist: Anna Schiffel
Photographer's Assistants : Jeremy Ayer, Edward Lane & Maëllle Joigne
Stylist's Assistant: Emil Kosuge
Models: Hannah Elyse @Oui & Sami @Success
Casting: Emilie @Twobirds
Make up: Céline Martin
Hair: Chiao Chenet
Location scouting: Grégoire Hontebeyrie
Production: Arno @Kitten