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Holiday Special Published on 20/11/2017

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To celebrate the Holiday season, KENZO has designed a bright and sparkly capsule collection.
Offering a chance to find the ideal look for the winter get-togethers, this fully-rounded collection for men and women is built on contrasting colors, shiny fabrics and vibrant and gleaming yarns.

Here, through the lens of French photographer Boris Camaca, the collection becomes the main character of a surreal winter tale.

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Chapter One
Outside The house : 95690, Nesles-la-Vallée

Chapter Two
A Fantasy In The box : Studio, 75010 Paris

Chapter Three
Inside The House : 95690, Nesles-la-Vallée

Photographer: Boris Camaca
Art Direction: Télévision Services
Photographer's assistants: Gabriel Fabry & Alex Raduan Orjechovschi
Stylist: Théophile Hermand @Artlist
Stylist's assistant: Sandra Gonzales
Set Designer: Chloé Guerbois
Make up: Anthony Preel @Artlist
Hair: Kazuhiro Naka
Models: Marina, Sofiane @TIAD, Téo @TIAD, Mino @Masters, Nicolas
Casting: Emilie @Twobirds
Production: Arno @Kitten
Sculptures and paintings: Atelier WANC
“Champion” sculptures: Pablo Grand Mourcel
“Bijoux de famille pierres non roulantes” sculpture: Rafaela Lopez
Thanks to Dan Perez