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Fall Winter 2017



A discovery of an arctic surfing subculture led us to a wardrobe that combines wild protection with an urban sensibility. Celebrating the women and men who experience as raw an environment as it gets, and hoping for it to continue forever.

The use of our backstage as the set for this show was a conscious decision to create dialogue with Ideas For Us and to contribute financially to their cause. In addition, for Fall 2017 we have partnered with Earth Guardians to create products that will further push their message.

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon

The video of the Show

Collection notes

Collection notes

The globe is warming. Seasons are fading. Climates are merging into one other. In reaction to the alarming environmental situation, the KENZO Gang explores a candid, utopic metaphor: this winter, they are going surfing in the Arctic Ocean.

The gang is going to ride glaciers rather than waves and lay on the snow rather than the sand. Their outfits follow this new fusion of codes and needs.

The KENZO man doesn’t set foot outside his chalet door without a dress-long pullover, worn with the ease of an oversized tunic; the latter comes in a subtle color gradient, like a sun rise over an ice floe. Bomber jackets shimmer like an aurora borealis in the arctic. Pants and jackets are padded, matching and worn with a belt, like a revisited ski outfit. Backpacks nod at sleeping bags for a trompe l’œil effect.

The KENZO woman plays with dense folkloric prints: checkered, floral and geometrical tiger prints melt into one another. Under her long dresses, a sporty, high-tech petticoat peaks out. Threaded ribbons adorn a knitted sweater like a 3D print – a technique once used by Monsieur Kenzo Takada.

Ski shoes turn into booties; sunglasses are graphic and rave-like sunglasses: in this powdered landscape where the night never falls, they are getting ready to party under the midnight sun.