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La Collection Memento N°3

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La Collection
Memento No 3

The third chapter in KENZO’s La Collection Memento draws influence from Le Rêve by legendary French painter Henri Rousseau, affectionately referred to as “Le Douanier”. Rousseau’s artworks have remained a font of inspiration for countless artists, none more so than KENZO’s founder, Kenzo Takada.

Takada encountered Le Rêve upon a visit to the Louvre in the mid-60’s. The tangible spirit and mystery of the painting overwhelmed him with emotion and has played a vital role in pioneering the integrity and energy that KENZO still holds dear to this day.

Intrinsically tied to the fundamental identity of KENZO, La Collection Memento No 3 revives Takada’s love affair with this painted wilderness. The captivating colours and shapes of Rousseau’s paintings are splashed across the entire collection, while drawing upon an array of looks and contemporary accessories.

La Collection Memento No 3 fuses bold knits with classic line drawings and refreshed silhouettes. Each item has a direct lineage back to the illustrious and always-surprising past of the KENZO archive.

In this brand-new digital video created under the direction of Thomas Traum, Rousseau’s inimitable world becomes the protagonist, leading our two characters into the heart of the painting, living amongst the wild and fictitious jungle and bringing Rousseau’s landscapes and atmosphere to life. The jungle-dwellers face the elements in this surreal tableau where Takada’s desire to inhabit Le Rêve becomes reality.

KENZO’s La Collection Memento No 3 brings Takada’s vision of KENZO into the 21st century, infused with the spirit of the present. We invite you to come and dream with us.

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