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Spring Summer 2017



In 1977, Kenzo Takada showed at legendary club Studio 54. Grace Jones performed, Jerry Hall walked. For this collection we want to celebrate the euphoria of an assembly of cultures. A space filled to the brim with individuals whose style speaks volumes. Women who wear distinctiveness as an expression of freedom.

An invitation to work with the archives of renowned artist Antonio Lopez was the starting point for this collection. Antonio’s work documents an iconic time in Paris, of which KENZO was an integral part. It felt relevant and exciting to pay homage to that, and re-interpret it, for the KENZO woman today. Women like Donna Jordan or Pat Cleveland, both strong, beautiful and unparalleled. Grid-like photo formations, collages and sketches of Polaroids once loaned but never returned. These images are transposed onto varying garments, offering a new lease of life to such beautiful imagery. 

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon

The video of the Show

Collection notes

Collection notes

Sometimes trends emerge at crossover points – when transitioning from one decade to the next, one moment of the day to the other. This collection unfolds in the late 70s, as the 80s are starting to rumble in the near distance. It takes place at night, right when the wild partying is about to begin.

You’ve guessed it: this season, the Kenzo woman spends her summer on Studio 54’s dancefloor. Thanks to her ability to travel through time, she comes hang out in 1977 and gets herself an invitation to Kenzo Takada’s show held at the legendary club. She meets Grace Jones and the two have a chat between two songs; she befriends Pat Cleveland and Jerry Hall, who invite her to walk the runway with her – all with a cigarette hanging from their lips.

Times are changing and so is society, our heroine realizes: the past decade’s hippy ideals are starting to fade, and are increasingly being replaced by a new empowerment of women in the workplace. 
The Kenzo Woman hasn’t forgotten her disco days (nor her moves) and enjoys wearing a touch of lamé; yet her looks are streamlined, fit for office wear. Pencil skirts come with a high, petite waist, carrot cut trousers are reworked in vinyl, blouses bear bouffant sleeves – all effortlessly adaptable from day and night wear. She might spice her look with touches of sportswear, a parka jacket worn with a belt, a simple t-shirt bearing an Antonio Lopez print. As for her accessories, they are elevated to the status of ornaments: fanny packs, and clutches in steel mesh are worn around the neck and waist like jewelry – but remain usable…our multi-tasking power femme doesn’t have a minute to waste.