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Utopia Is Possible Published on 15/04/2019

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Photography by Vicky King

In a utopian land, nomads have traversed the globe over to reach a spiritual communion, both liberating and mysterious. For KENZO’s Summer 2019 editorial, photographer Vicki King has envisaged a beautiful new world in a dream-like state. UTOPIA IS POSSIBLE is an open invitation to all walks of people, to create a new home unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Come one, come all - and embrace our vision of the future.


The initiation ceremony commences, a spiritual hallucination that unifies our growing collective in deep transcendence. This is the beginning, the start of a new generation - a ritual has been cast and a beautiful trance befalls us. The fiery symbol of the phoenix, an ancient bird of lore that represents rebirth, is translated into a palette of diverse, striking colours, and intricate graphics.


A long, hazy journey to paradise, the pilgrimage to find positive enlightenment and freedom is finally reached. Unifying their vivacious energy, a new home is built under the sun - in emblematic blue roses in print, serene hues of azure, cerulean, indigo and denim, and flowing free shapes in technical fabrics. Brought together by peaceful wanderlust, an idyllic future is possible.


A circle of fire, flaming in the desert is lit up in celebration of harmony, optimism and community. Arising from the embers is the Phoenix, the mythological bird - who in death bursts into flames, and is reborn once again from the ashes. This immortal emblem in romantic pinks and coral, alongside surrealist polka dots, stripes, and prints appears in a gathered state of healing and blissful euphoria.

Photographer: Vicki King
Photo assistant: Hector Quintero

Model: Yuki Benyiya
Model: Maddie Seisay
Model: Dourane Fall
Model: Malcom Sal
Model: Ranny Cooper

Styling: Ai Kamoshita
Styling assistant: Jake Hunte
Hair & Make-up: Kiyoko Odo @Bryant
Hair & Make-up assistant: Alfredo Aguirre

Set designer: Andrew Lim Clarkson @Bryant
Set designer assistant: Jorge Sanchez

Production: LG STUDIO
Producer: Gracie Yabsley
Local producer: Diego Valladolid