ALL EYES ON US: #3 - Eye of Providence

The Eye of Providence is one of the most commonly seen eye symbols in the world.

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Instantly recognizable in the western world, it's usually thought to represent the all-seeing Eye of God, watching over the world. Originally depicted simply as an eye appearing in the sky, often surrounded by clouds and rays of light, it is thought to have been adopted from the Egyptian Eye of Horace. It soon evolved from eye-in-the-sky into it's most recognizable form,  surrounded by a triangle. In Christianity the three points of the triangle usually represent the Holy Trinity, but the triangle can also be seen as all or part of a pyramid, signifying strength and unity, with the eye watching over those necessary qualities. There are many examples to be seen in modern use, such as on the United States one-dollar bill, where it's pictured as the final piece of an incomplete pyramid, or radiating across the Estonian 50 krooni bill. The Eye of Providence was long used as a symbol among Freemasons, and because of this and it's use in the United States government, it has long been the subject and evidence of many conspiracy theories.