At first glance, Andrew Kuo’s book could pass for a serious work of geography or population studies: diagrams, pie charts and other graphics colorfully vie to represent the different maybes that make up reality. 

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That is until you read the titles: “Some things I’m scared of in Nov. 2007”; “Making myself feel better for waking up at 12:21 PM” or “Every hour of Friday May 2, 2008”. The responses given in the graphic are funny, poetic or simply personal. Andrew Kuo is always telling a story, humanizing a dry form with his decision-making. His material is again drawn from everyday life in a collection of sent emails that combines the most impersonal of forms with the highly personal. His painting is alternately naive and abstract, and his sculptures seem to have jumped straight out of his graphics. What Me Worry is a comprehensive panorama of his work, with the exception perhaps of the music reviews he continues to produce for The New York Times.


What Me Worry – Andrew Kuo, by Kelefa Sanneh, 2010, 208 pgs. Ed. Damiani, Standard Press.
Kenzo, 60 rue de Rennes, Paris.