This 1972 volume is like a cross between the now-extinct Nest magazine and blog The Selby: a collection of striking interiors, by turns psychedelic, minimalist or space age – lest we forget the fertile source of inspiration that was the space race. Spacious apartments, many designed by architects or designers, experiment with shapes and materials, riffing on colors and curves that haven’t been seen since the dawn of the 1990s. 


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These period documents peek at the interiors of actress Julie Christie, film-maker Derek Jarman, designer Olivier Mourgue and stylist Karl Lagerfeld. A chapter is dedicated to mineral architecture: caves, bubbles and igloos that protrude from the Earth, a reminder that utopia once applied to every aspect of daily life. So curious are we about the lifestyle of the occupants that we are at times sorry to see these spaces inhabited – our fantasy and imagination are left to fill in the blanks.


Underground Interiors, by Norma Skurka & Oberto Gili, 1972, 124 pgs.
Kenzo, 27 place de la Madeleine, Paris.