Book Corner #2: Kate Moss is the girl that got away

This season, Carol and Humberto used their very own vision of California, their home state, as the inspiration for the collections. The book corner section will highlight its most original cultural aspects through works selected and commented by Angelo Cirimele. This week, he chosed a free supplement of Vogue Hommes International consisting of series of Kate Moss shot by the american photographer Bruce Weber. Bruce is well known for its provocative and idealistic pictures that depict the frivolity of youth, well represented by the never aging Kate.

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"If I like style magazines to the point of dedicating a whole publication to them, it is because they sometimes transcend their disposable status to become something else, a memory of time. This is the case of the September 2006 free supplement to Vogue Hommes International dedicated to Kate Moss and photographed by Bruce Weber, who had discovered her some years before. It is as much a collection of fashion pictures as an intimate album, and the layout is sometimes child-like, compiling as many pictures as possible. Spontaneity and presence hover on every page, and the pictures ooze sincerity. This glazed paper supplement did not have any value then, it is now a collector’s item."


"Kate Moss is the girl that got away", 2006, 48 p. Supplément à Vogue Hommes International, Ed. Condé Nast.
Kenzo – 60, rue de Rennes, Paris