BOOK CORNER #23: New Photography 2013


Four hundred pages of fresh Dutch photos can be useful if you aren’t planning on attending this season’s photo festivals. Also, printed paper is still the best way to share and preserve photography. This collection includes all sorts of images: concrete and conceptual, poetic and experimental. The book mentions whether the photographer is self-educated or a photography graduate, and indicates each artist’s Internet site when applicable.


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Because photography is particularly important to the Dutch. Their school curricula, scholarships, museums like Foam, and photography book fairs like Offprint are all proof of that. And also for the Helmut Newton quote on the back of the book: “I am not an intellectual, I just take pictures.”

A magazine, Gup, is behind this annual publication, maybe because maintaining a regular edition requires increased curiosity.



New, Dutch Photography Talent 2013, 2013, 410 p. Ed. Xpublishers.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.