It’s tempting to live from moment to the next, comforted by the thought of a present that stretches on forever. Lest we begin to lose track of time, the ticking of the Vintage metronome is there to remind us of the new “old” – which is apparently now the 1990s, according to new magazine The Profile and its “strong 90’s aesthetic”. The Profile looks more like a book than a magazine with its cloth-bound cover, large format and a business card tucked into page 2. 

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Each issue profiles figureheads from within the fashion and art industry, with portfolios and interviews of those working in the creative or entertainment sector. Founder Becky Baik is a stylist with a long history at Elle Korea, which makes for a large number of Asian contributors, lending an air of sophistication. The Profile’s feel of a magazine from another era is exactly what makes it work.



The Profile, n°1, 2013, 164 p.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.