Do we really need another book about Marilyn? This one stands apart for its modest format (23 x 23 cm) and the vulnerability of a blurred and grainy cover image. The 45 images in this book are taken from a home movie shot on Super8 in 1955 by a 14-year-old fan, Peter Mangone, who waited for Marilyn outside her hotel. 

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The young man behaves like anything but paparazzi as he accompanies the icon on a regular afternoon about town. Capturing the actress as she lights up whenever the camera is rolling, Mangone allows her spontaneity to shine through in every shot. These grainy snapshots of everyday life are made precious by the presence of a real live star of the silver screen. Marilyn is fascinating in all her unguarded charm – a contrast to her scripted and at times over-acted Hollywood roles. In the era of smartphones, we make impromptu videos like this all the time, only we’ve forgotten how to be spontaneous in front of the camera…



"Marilyn Monroe NYC, 1955", Peter Mangone, 2012, 54 p. Published by Danziger gallery, New York.
Kenzo, 60, rue de Rennes, Paris.